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Connecting realities.

Let's create, store & manage your 3D Avatar.
Use your personalised digital twin for

Your Keymaker

Let duphub be your keychain to unlock the full potential a virtual world.

Hub to Virtuality

We connect you and your Avatars with Services that focus on your individual needs.

Digital Duplicates Home

Give your Digital Twin a home from where you can take it easily anywhere.

Make duphub the home of your avatars: create, host and manage.

Discover a better digital experience with a digital duplicate of yourself.

Perfect fits

Let the products you buy be so individual as yourself. Your digital twin helps reseller to match your personal needs.

Deeper Connection

Engagement with your own digital twin as the protagonist in games, chats or dating increases significantly.

Virtual try-on with your personal avatar.

You are special, just like everybody else.
We value your uniqueness.

We focus on your individual shape for perfect fits.

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Use our scanning service to create your avatar or import it from a different source.

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Using the hub

Get suggestions of available services, shop, chat, play, date, design and much more...

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Complete control over your avatars

Make duphub the home of your Avatars.

Keep track of your measurements and body shape.
Modify, rent out or even sell your digital twin.

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Seamless integration

Avatar transfer is just a few clicks.

If we're no longer the right solution for you, we'll allow you to export and take your data at anytime for any reason.

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Our sign up is dead simple. We only require your basic information.

Upload your Avatar

Upload your existing avatar or have yourself scanned by us and your avatar created.

Choose where to transfer

Simply select where you'd like to go with your Avatar and have it migrating instantly.

* Some plattforms might be incompatible.

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Stay focused on your business.
Let us do the integration.

You have a business to run. Stop worring about avatar integrations, designing new pages, keeping your plattform up to date. Let us do that for you.

Fair, simple pricing for all.

Users are always free. Businesses are charged a commission.

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We offer variable pricing with discounts for larger organizations. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.

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Can I import Avatar form 3rd parties?

Absolutely. You can create avatars on your own, import them from 3rd parties or enjoy our 3D full body scanning service.


Can I sell/rent out my avatars?

Yes. We offer you a market place where you can sell or rent your digital twins to model agencies, film makers or game developers.


Can I take the avatar to any shop?

We aspire to open up that possibility. However, since businesses need to create the infrastructure for that you will be dependent on their development.


How does duphub finance itself?

We receive comissions from every deal that has been settled by refering your avatar to the retailer.

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Stop wasting time and money with try-ons and returning goods. duphub makes shopping faster, easier, and fitting your unique needs.

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